Project Description

GVVC has exited sucessufly from ONPEX investment started in 2015. Was a great learning journey.

Financial operations get increasingly time- and resource-consuming, as they frequently include several accounts, currencies, banks, and payment methods as well as complex cashflow structures.

ONPEX solves this issue with the ONPEX Payment Account that makes global payment management as easy as home banking.It connects thepayments world to the global bank networks and enables users to perform SWIFT and SEPA transactions. Additionally, it makes global treasury functions, contract structure management, and automated account handling easily available.

Any account held by a user can be mapped into the ONPEX Payment Account, enabling a comprehen­ sive view of all accounts, the currencies held in them, foreign exchange, and global netting. It can be operated as a normal bank account with IBAN and BIC or as aclosed account for internal useonly.

The ONPEX Payment Account unifies all payment tasks in one account and supports businesses in streamlining their finance management.